We are a perfect fit for music festivals, farmer’s markets, fairs, school events and anywhere FUN is key. Please contact us at 203.615.1116 or bringtheHoopla@gmail.com if you’d like us to be a vendor and activity at your next event!

Benefits of Hooping:

– Hooping is a positive and fun activity that all ages can enjoy.
– Hooping burns up to 500 calories per hour.
– Hooping is heart healthy.
– Hooping increases energy, develops balance and coordination and improves flexibility
– Hooping helps with posture, endurance and overall core strength
– Hooping, and hoop dance, is a form of self-expression.
– Our program themes focus on team-building, leadership and trust.
– Hooping boosts confidence.
Each student feels pride and success while mastering new skills.

– Hooping calms the mind, relieves stress and promotes laughter.
– Everyone can HOOP!!!



Q: Do you have a storefront location?

A: We no longer have a storefront location because we are focused on our educational programming! We can find us vending local events throughout the year around CT.

Q: How do I know what size is right for me?

A: Hoop sizing is based on height, body type and skill level. The bigger the hoop, the easier to hoop. Hoopla hoops are offered in 6 sizes: mini (27”), 34”, 36”, 38” and 42”. Custom sizes are available.

Q: Are your hoops weighted?

A: Yes. We do not put water, sand or beads in our hoops. Hoopla hoops are constructed using industrial strength materials, which makes them heavier than the standard plastic variety. Our hoops are externally weighted, and offers a perfect balance which allows the hooper to find success within their hoop. On average, our Hoopla Hoops weight between 1.5 and 2 lbs.

Q: What is the difference between your weighted (polyethalene) hoops and dance (polypro) hoops?

A: Weighted hoops are for beginner, fitness-based and educational purposes; builds muscle memory and burns calories.  Polypro hoops are for more advanced hoopers; use for dance, movement and expression.

Q: How much are your hoops?

A: We price our hoops very reasonably as we want to spread the power of the hoop and have everyone be able to enjoy!! Our hoops range between $25 and $50!

Q: Do you ship your hoops?

A: No, we do not.