Hoopla Programs FAQ

Q: Do you have a location?
A: No! We travel to you! All our programming comes right to your school, library, or event!
Q: How does your programming work?
A: We offer a multi-week curriculum, one-time visits, Libray Programming, Summer Camp Programs, Adaptive Programming, Workshops & Events, and so much more!
Q: How much is your programming?
A: Our programming rates start at $249 for the first hour and $150 for every additional hour. Travel costs may apply.
Q: How do you incorporate Social Emotional Learning?
A: This program supports a positive self-concept and, positive attitude about learning, helps identify and understand emotions, and develops positive interpersonal relationships
Q: Is your staff trained and experienced?
A: Our staff members are experienced and educated; 90% of staff hold degrees in education or related fields. Our team members receive rigorous in-person professional development and in-depth curriculum training. All staff use positive reinforcement and encouragement to foster persistence, self-confidence, and free expression for all students. We teach hands-on, problem-solving.
Q: What ages are perfect for your programming?
A: Pre-K through Adults! We have an Early Learning curriculum development for ages 3-5, multiple curricula for elementary age, a STEAM-based Middle School Learning curriculum, and an Adult Fitness Flow! 
Q: Do you offer nonstructured programming?
A: Yes! Check out our Hoopla Zone program. We are a perfect fit for music festivals, farmer’s markets, fairs, school events, and anywhere FUN is key.

Hoopla Hoops FAQ


Q: Do you ship your hoops?
A: Yes! Purchase them online here!
Q: How much are your hoops?
A: Our hoops range between $35 and $45! We price our hoops very reasonably as we want to spread the power of the hoop and have everyone able to enjoy them!
Q: How do I know what size is right for me?
A: Hoop sizing is based on height, body type, and skill level. The bigger the hoop, the easier to hoop. Hoopla hoops are offered in 5 sizes online: mini (29”), 34”, 36”, 38”, and 42”. 
Q: Do you have a storefront location?
A: We no longer have a storefront location because we focus on our educational programming! We can find us vending local events throughout the year around CT. See our events here!
Q: Are your hoops weighted?
A: Yes. On average, our Hoopla Hoops weigh between 1.5 and 2 lbs. Our hoops are externally weighted and offer a perfect balance that allows the hooper to find success within their hoop. We do not put water, sand, or beads in our hoops. 
Q: What is the difference between your polyethylene (PE) hoops and HDPE hoops?
A: PE hoops are heavier and used for adult sizing, beginners, fitness-based and educational purposes, building muscle memory, and burning calories.  HDPE hoops are lighter and used for children's sizing, advanced hoopers, dance, movement, and expression.
Q: How much are your hoops?
A: We price our hoops very reasonably as we want to spread the power of the hoop and have everyone able to enjoy them!! Our hoops range between $35 and $50!

Benefits of Hooping:

– Hooping is a positive and fun activity that all ages can enjoy.
– Hooping burns up to 500 calories per hour.
– Hooping is heart healthy.
– Hooping increases energy, develops balance and coordination and improves flexibility
– Hooping helps with posture, endurance and overall core strength
– Hooping, and hoop dance, is a form of self-expression.
– Our program themes focus on team-building, leadership and trust.
– Hooping boosts confidence.
Each student feels pride and success while mastering new skills.

– Hooping calms the mind, relieves stress and promotes laughter.
– Everyone can HOOP!!!


Please contact us at 203.615.1116 or bringtheHoopla@gmail.com for any questions or bookings!