Our Mission

BringtheHoopla LLC provides high-quality programming for children of all ages by using the hoop as a form of play, exercise, and learning. Our unique curriculum aligns with state and national standards to ensure developmentally appropriate programming that promotes physical literacy. We use positive reinforcement and encouragement to foster persistence, self-confidence, and free expression for all students.
BringtheHoopla is committed to bringing children high quality, professional enrichment programs that inspire creativity and exploration. Our staff members are experienced and educated; 90% of staff hold degrees in education or related fields. All BringtheHoopla staff receive ongoing training in developmentally appropriate practice and Common Core standards, creating an environment of effective learning for all students.
The majority of our staff are veteran BringtheHoopla teachers, building relationships with students statewide each year. Our company is proud of our staff longevity, as a low turnover rate is indicative of a positive teaching and learning environment.
Our educational philosophy is rooted in child-led experiences. Children engage with each other using the hoop as a tool for exploration, growth, and creativity. As teachers guide students through each program, children develop physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills that can be applied long after we part ways. BringtheHoopla is impactful - we aim to touch the lives of children in a way that creates positive change, and supports healthy minds and bodies.

Our Team

BringtheHoopla's team of educators is experienced and prepared. In 2023, 90% of BTH staff either hold degrees in education or related fields or are pursuing them. Our teachers use positive reinforcement and encouragement to foster persistence, self-confidence, and free expression for all students. We teach hands-on, problem-solving tactics to reach best serve each classroom and reach each student as an individual. All of our staff members have their CPR, First Aid, & ADA certifications. Our Hoopla Teachers receive rigorous in-person training, consistent professional development, and in-depth curriculum sessions. 

Nicole Heriot-Mikula

Nicole was born and raised in Shelton, graduated with a BFA from The Hartt School of Music (U of Hartford) and pursued her dreams in music theatre in NYC for 10 years. She returned home in 2011 to begin a new journey that allowed her to embrace the things she was passionate about including building a small business and her community.  

Nicole founded BringtheHoopla in 2011 and in 2014, co-founded Celebrate Shelton, a community arts engagement organization based in Shelton where they create high quality events that are accessible to all with their suggested donation only model. 

She lives in Seymour, CT with her husband, an incredible musician, Ben Mikula, and their three super sweet girls, Magnolia, Delilah & Ruby.

"Creativity changes form and is about taking risks, ignoring any doubt you have and diving into what feels right."

Sarah Murphy
Program Director

Sarah believes in the power of self-expression, artistry, and hard work with a positive attitude. Sarah holds the position of Program Director of BringtheHoopla and has been with the company since 2013. She specializes in implementing programs for all ages from early childhood to adults, training and guiding staff, and building a team working environment. Sarah is also a professional Hoop Dancer and Fire Dancer performer under the name Sarotonin Flow Performance Art.

Her expertise and success in performance demonstrate the skills attainable with continued dedication to hoop dance. Sarah has taught countless of people how to hula hoop and finds joy in sharing something she truly loves with the world.

She has  been featured on Local and National TV to educate about the fun fitness benefits of this unique activity. When not spinning circles, enriching students in the classroom, or helping manage staff she can be found relaxing with her chihuahua Nacho, singing in her band Haunting Titans, or enjoying a fine chocolate dessert. Sarah lives in Southern Connecticut and is currently pursuing higher education in Child Studies.


Our Partnerships